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The importance of SEO

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in the world of digital marketing. Its primary aim is to enhance a website’s visibility within search engines, making it easy for users and potential customers to discover you. While many people see SEO as a way to drive more traffic to a website from search engines (and it certainly is), a good SEO company or freelancer will take it up a notch by focusing on funneling relevant traffic to your site, which is even better.

We stay ahead of the game, keeping tabs on current search ranking factors and the latest industry developments. Our SEO services cater to businesses that don’t have any of this in place already, think family-run enterprises looking to boost local visibility or a bigger more established firm. Regardless of your business’s size or the scale of your online aspirations, we implement best-practice techniques to put your brand directly in front of your desired audience.

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You won't be left behind

Here's a peek into our typical process:
1. Let's chat

We kick things off with an initial consultation, diving into your business and industry. This helps us grasp your specific search marketing challenges and business objectives, allowing us to craft an SEO strategy tailored just for you.

2. In-House Audits

Post-consultation, we will conduct comprehensive audits of your website and where it stands in search results. This critical step sets the stage for our recommendations in a fresh search marketing strategy for your brand.

3. Crafting a New Search Strategy

With our findings in hand, we lay out a new roadmap for your brand’s search marketing, all managed in-house by our team of search consultants. It’s a strategy built just for you.

4. Let's Get Fixing

Once you give the go-ahead, we get to work pronto. We always kick off with the most crucial technical fixes, anything that’ll give your website’s rankings a boost once resolved.

5. Polish the Content

After some keyword research, we dive into this step. We use that research to decide which pages should rank for specific keywords and topics. We’ll spruce up your landing pages with optimized meta tags, including title tags and meta descriptions. Plus, we’ll fine-tune the on-page content to meet the expectations of both users and searchers.

6. Reaching Out and Building Links

We are all about targeted link building and outreach to score valuable external links for your brand. This is achieved by crafting articles that resonate with your industry and the demographic you’re aiming for.

7. Monthly Reports to Meet Your Goals

Our commitment to transparency shines through my monthly reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will cost the price of one of my web design packes, then a monthly payment depending on exactly what type of website you need. I have three main packages, then hosting will cost £99 a month.

The timeline for your website project varies based on your specific needs. For instance, creating a single-page brochure landing page is a quicker process compared to developing a complex 50-page e-commerce site. In general, my goal is to have your website live and operational within 30 days. However, this timeframe can be influenced by factors like the speed of content submission and the time it takes for your review and feedback.

WordPress is an impressively adaptable system, currently powering about 43% of all websites, which is roughly 810 million websites, if you’re into the numbers game. It’s not just popular; it’s also known for its speed, security, and extensive customization options. I prefer using the WordPress platform for the majority of my projects, primarily to offer you cost-effective solutions. If we were to create a content management system (CMS) from scratch, it could easily rack up costs in the tens of thousands. With WordPress, much of the hard work is already done, which keeps both the functionality and expenses in a sweet spot.

I don’t believe in locking my clients into contracts. I want my customers to choose to stay with me because they value the quality of service, not because they’re bound by a contract. You’re free to make your own choices, and if you ever decide to part ways, I simply request a 30-day notice as a courtesy.