The simplest web design process

The Process​

We will work closely with you to determine the most efficient way to build your website, tailored to your needs.


  • Project planning
  • Proposal
  • Content Strategy


  • Website Build
  • Copywriting
  • Images


  • Content Updates
  • Online presence management
  • Infrastructure Updates


It’s crucial for us to have a conversation and get acquainted with both you and your business. We aim to understand the challenges you’re currently facing and your goals. Taking the time to assess your needs, we will ask questions to make sure we can offer solutions that fall in line with your objectives.


Now, this is the exciting part. We will mock up a design and show you a sneak peek of your shiny new website. We will design each page and show it off in an online prototype via a link, complete with desktop and mobile versions.

We’ll sit down with you to go over these mockups, make any tweaks you require, and once you give the thumbs up, we’re all set to start development.



This is the part where we build the website to match the designs we have agreed upon. We will use custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the real thing match the design as closely as possible. If you have copy and content (images and words) for your website already we will put it all in the correct places.


We have made the website, now we will try and break it. We will test all possible scenarios from a user’s perspective and if anything is out of line this is where it gets fixed. We will test on desktop browsers on Apple OS and Windows, along with various different real mobile devices running Android and iOS. We will also get you to try and break it for me! When you are happy we will run through the site with you.



This is by no means a mandatory step in the whole process, but your SEO rankings will play a big part in driving traffic to your website. If you don’t decide to use any of our SEO services we will still ensure each page is optimised for a particular keyword so you have a head-start.


We consider ourselves a friendly and knowledgeable bunch. You can count on us for updates or help with technical stuff, any time of day. Plus, we understand the importance of keeping your website up-to-date and modern, so we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to make improvements or add new features.


If you like the look of this website, or you have a something different in mind get in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Web design is like creating a roadmap for a website that’s both user-friendly and functional. It’s all about making sure visitors have a great time while exploring your site. Websites are a mix of elements arranged to be super easy to use and navigate. Certain processes need to be followed in order for a project to run on-time and within-budget.

Of course, we are very agile in the way we work, and have worked for various companies in which the web design process varies. We can work out the best web design process to work to at the beginning on the project.

As we have mentioned above, our experience has allowed us to trial and error lots of different processes and we feel this one is the most efficient for us.